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¡Bienvenidos a todos! Welcome everyone to Sra. Egnatz's Spanish Class.


This is our "WIKI" and I hope you'll find it helpful as you study Spanish. A "WIKI" is interactive, will host video, more in depth culture and activities that relate to your current text chapter, discussion and even some projects you'll be creating. Sometimes, it will even hold surprises or extra credit!

DISCUSSION PAGEThe "Discussion" link is on the top of each page. Click on your Spanish level (left). At the top of the page you'll see a Tab marked "Discussion." Here you'll find a blog with a question to answer. Respond in Spanish to the question with 2-3 sentences. You can type your response first in WORD if you like, especially if you want to include accents and spanish punctuation. Then just copy and paste into the blog space. You can also type directly into the blog space. At the end of your response, include your Spanish name that you use in class and your class period. (Example: Profe, Per. 2) You will receive a completion grade for your blog entry.
Resources - Printable HandoutsHaga clic para ver una lista de documentos que se puede descargar.

Why learn a foreign language?

Are you listening? Are you understanding? There may be a difference.

Yes, sometimes learning Spanish will seem hard, but it's worth it.
So, let's get started. Me llamo Señora Egnatz. Soy tu profesora.

I'm happy to have you in my class this year. My hope is that you'll feel like your Spanish class is your "Spanish-speaking home" and that you'll soon feel like your fellow Spanish classmates are members of your global family. Consider what you'll be able to do in your future by adding a job skill like "speaking another language" to your resume. Think about the advanced placement credit you may be able to earn at the college or university you decide to attend. It all depends upon your language proficiency or how well you can understand what you read and hear and how well you can communicate in speaking and in writing. You may find that you'll want to travel to Spanish-speaking places through our Springbreak trips (2013 Spain & France) or venture out on your own with your new language skills.

¿Qué es un buen gol? Decide upon a goal and then wave your flag!

¿Qué hora es en estas ciudades?



Mexico City

Buenos Aires