Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica (Spanish Honor Society)

¡Qué Emocionante!

How Exciting! In 2009 we were granted a membership charter in the Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica at Lincoln-Way North. In our first year we inducted over 30 new members into our inaugural class! Students in Spanish 3 Honors with a B+ (87%) or higher grade in their second semester of Spanish 2 will be invited to become a member of this National Spanish Honors Society.

Our chapter's name is " EL AVE FÉNIX " and membership entitles you to lots of opportunities including participation in society activities at local, area and national levels, as well as earning awards and scholarships. Students can also have hispanic-related Art Work and Literary work in Spanish published for cash prizes!

In the early Spring, all SHS members will take the National Spanish Exam - earning awards and potential scholarships! Last year, several students received Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards. This year will be YOUR OPPORTUNITY!

So Bienvenidos!! Those of you who are currently enrolled in Spanish 3 Honors and higher and are earning a B+ (87%) or higher grade in your last semester are also invited to apply for membership. A Fall Induction Ceremony will follow to welcome those members whose applications are accepted.