LINKS to Textbook: IMAGINA

For additional chapter practice, you will go to the IMAGINA 2nd Ed website. You can listen to audios of vocabulary and all textbook listening activities, you will review and practice vocabulary and grammar, read more about the culture, access all video clips from the text and more to support what your learning in each chapter. The site includes an online Spanish-English dictionary.

LINKS to College Board AP Spanish Website

  • Learn about the AP Spanish Exam. You can see practice questions as well as actual questions, readings and recordings from past exams including 2011 exams. Additionally, you can listen to and read student samples and find out why they received the score they did.

LINKS to practice grammar and vocabulary

LINKS to authentic materials: newspapers, magazines, radios, television, and online media in Spanish (for weekly homework)

  • KIOSKO - Search for newspapers by country. Click here for newspapers published in SPAIN. Click here for newspapers published in Latinamerica.

  • El Mundo - Spanish Newspaper

  • El Universal - Mexican newspaper that features international news with a focus on Mexico

  • BBC Video - NEWS IN SPANISH Watch and listen to short video segments in Spanish of World News and Current Events. There is an index by topic to choose from. Great for practicing your listening but with visual cues to add interest!

  • Univision - News, Sports, Entertainment Videos Get your video news in Spanish! Includes news about the world, sports, celebrities, food, fashion and more.

  • CNN News in SPANISH Keep up with American news - but in Spanish. You'll already be familiar with the news content.

  • UNITED NATIONS Audio Website - Listened to archived radio program segments - many of the AP Exam listening pieces come from this website. It may be easier after you listen to the program once, to print out the radio script and listen again. This site almost always appears on the AP EXAM.

  • WEATHER CHANNEL in SPANISH - Check the world's weather in Spanish.

LINKS to technology activities:

  • Audacity - Recommended by the College Board, Audacity is free downloadable program for free digital audio recording and editing. You can record your voice and save the file for playback (and grading later). Available for PC and MAC.

LINKS to cultural materials specific to our current chapter:

To see an aerial or street view of a place you are learning about - Go to Google Maps -- you can zoom in and if you click on the man, you'll have a 360 degree view!
Seek out links with cultural topics in SPANISH! Authentic reading is what you'll find on the new Spanish Language & CULTURE Exam. For example, here are some sites about SPAIN (Also see Culture Links on the left).

LINKS to PODCASTS in Spanish:

  • NOTES IN SPANISH - Intermediate Podcast Ben is from England. Marina is from Spain. Listen to Marina help Ben with his Spanish. This is a great site to hear actual conversations about grammar topics and cultural use of vocabulary.

  • NOTES IN SPANISH - Advanced Podcast More from Ben and Marina - and more Advanced!