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Class Rules and Grading Categories

USING SPANISH: It is very IMPORTANT that we use as much Spanish as possible in class. If you're finding it difficult to follow along, you need to raise your hand and ask: "Repita, por favor" (Repeat, please) or "Despacio, por favor" (Slowly, please) or "No comprendo, Profe." (I don't understand, Profe.) You will find that ask many times if you understand, if you don't, Speak up! You can also visit me in my classroom before or after school for Spanish help in English.


References -

    • Text: Expresate 2 - Spanish 2 Website: At the bottom of the page, left side,, TYPE IN THE KEYWORD BOX: EXP2 CH1 (for chapter one), EXP2 CH2 (for chapter two), etc or the KEYWORD on the top right from your text.
    • CULTURE LINK - Check out the MEXICO CULTURE LINK on the left for video and activities for Chapter One.
    • SPANISH 2 LINKS - ENLACES - Resources listed by Chapter including VOCABULARY LISTS
    • QUIA Practice for current chapter

Invite your family to learn the food culture you need to know on Chapter Exams. Click on the this link for recipes and restaurant links.

Chapter One: CUZCO: This Wordle includes our Chapter 2 culture "Hot Topics" and can be printed out as a whole page.

Wordle: CUZCO

Chapter Two: La Ciudad de México: This Wordle includes our Chapter 1 culture "Hot Topics" and can be printed out as a whole page. Wordle: EXP2_Ch1 Chapter FIVE: Here's a song to help you remember the irregular preterite verbs!