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You can use the www.quizlet.com activities below to study Vocabulary. You can practice online, HERE ON OUR WEBSITE or you can DOWNLOAD to your phone, iPod or Nook! Here are the APP instructions.

QUIZLET Instructions.docx
QUIZLET Instructions.docx
=====QUIZLET FLASHCARD LINKS: Flashcards, games, print out lists and you can click to hear the words pronounced.=====
Exprésate 1 – Capítulo 1: Vocabulario 1
ABC - El alfabeto Practice the alphabet sounds.
Exprésate 1 – Capítulo 2: Vocabulario 2
Exprésate 1 – Capítulo 3: Vocabulario 3
Exprésate 1 – Capítulo 4: Vocabulario 4

GRADES: Grades are determined by how you apply what you've learned in your Speaking, Writing, Listening and Reading.

INTERPRETIVE ASSESSMENTS (what you understand from what you read, listen to or see i.e., a chart, menu, schedule)
  • Listening Comprehension - 15%
  • Reading Comprehension - 15%
  • Audio / Visual Comprehension - 10%
INTERPERSONAL ASSESSMENTS (what you can do, thinking on your feet, to communicate with someone in speaking or writing)
  • Written Communication (emails, postcards, notes, letters) - 10%
  • Spoken Conversation - 10%
PRESENTATIONAL ASSESSMENTS (what you prepare for, includes research, editing and practice, usually for an audience such as the class or teacher)
  • Spoken Presentation - 15%
  • Written Essay / Project - 15%
VOCABULARY & LANGUAGE USAGE - 10% (Includes some practice and quizzes that test your understanding of word meanings and grammar structures)

Exprésate 1 – Capítulo 1

We'll learn how to do these things in Chapter 1: You'll receive a code to access your textbook and more practice activities online.
  • Greetings and Farewells
  • Asking for and Giving Names
  • Asking and telling "How you are/feel"
  • Pronouncing Spanish alphabet letters - a Mexican Menu
  • Calendar Dates and Clock Times
  • Telling Birthdays and Ages
  • Phone Numbers and Emails
  • Asking and telling "Where people are from"

La tarea de esta semana - This week's Homework:

  • Monday - lunes 9/2: No hay escuela - No school
  • Tuesday - martes 9/3: Subject Pronoun "Magic Box" PowerPoint
  • Wednesday - miércoles 9/4: Writing Practice of Vocabulary
  • Thursday - jueves 9/5: Vocabulary Quiz - Chapter 1 Part A
  • Friday - viernes 9/6: