Aprende el vocabulario del arte:



1. El Greco, España

2. Diego Velasquéz, España

3. Francisco Goya, España


4. Salvador Dalí, España

In the "old days" there was a show on television called, "What's my Line?" in which a panel of celebrity actors would be blindfolded and have to guess through YES - NO questions, the identify of another celebrity guest. In this video, Salvador Dali (an actor with many interests) confuses the panel:

5. Pablo Picasso, España

Watch Pablo Picasso paint in this video:

6. Juan Miró, España

Joan Miro explains his paintings and their titles -- the object he paints are recognizable to everyone, but they mean something different to each person who sees them.

7. José Guadalupe Posada, México

8. Diego Rivera, México

This video describes some of the famous murals of Diego Rivera and what they represent. It is in Spanish (spoken slowly) with Spanish subtitles so you can read along.

9. Frida Kahlo, México

Frida Kahlo is famous for her many self-portraits that come from her life's experiences and passions. Her "unibrow" (uniceja) is prominent and is used in this morphing video of her "autorretratos."


10. Fernando Botero

This video is an animated "autobiography" of the famous Colombian artist: